Saturday, February 6, 2010

Larger than life...

Someone that is larger than life may be described as "This is a person of surpassing integrity; a man of the utmost sincerity; somewhat larger than life"- Joyce Carol Oates.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week with such a person.

20 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting this man and one of his daugthers. As I met them in the morning at the base of Vail Mountain he explained to me that they wanted to ski, have fun and not stand around. I knew I could met those expectations, so off we went. As the day and years have past I've discovered other expectations along the way. Over the years I've skied with all of the family members, business associates and very close friends. One of his dreams was to one day ski with his grand kids that dream has been realized many times over. A highlight certainly has been skiing with the kids during the First Track sessions held at 7am on Vail Mountain.

He has been successful in business and in all types of relationships. He is caring, generous, passionate, intelligent, and makes a difference in people's lives. Over the years he has been the "go to guy." Darren Hardy has said, "we should measure success by the number of people we help succeed" if that is in fact a measuring stick than my client and friend has been very successful.

Skiing and sport as a whole is a strong metaphor for life. As this man enters another defining decade he skied differently than he has in the past. There was clearly a sense of peace and grace that was previously masked with sheer strength. We skied some really impressive terrain and he handled it with grace, power and with extreme efficiency. I believe this ski experience is mirroring his every day life experiences as well. The ski slopes will be in his life for many many years to come.

It continues to be my pleasure to learn life lessons from this man that I believe is larger than life.

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