Sunday, September 6, 2009

Song and soul...

Those who wish to sing always find a song-Swedish Proverb

An incredible day filled with song and soul. The day started by listening to some fabulous jazz in Vail. The musicians were certainly "living out loud." Every fiber of their being was engaged as they poured themselves into their instruments. There was more than passion present there was soul.
The instruments were brought to life with every breath, and keystroke. The oneness that the musicians had with their instrument produced amazingly smooth and energetic sounds that brought goose bumps to my skin.
Then the Mile High Choir shared some gospel songs. Their voices and words moved believers and nonbelievers alike. The songs came from the soul and graced everyone in attendance.

The day of music continued as I went to see a few friends at Copper Mt where they were listening to country music at an outdoor concert. Different genres but same experience, artists openly and humbly sharing the talents they've been blessed with. My thoughts, feelings, and emotions flowed with the tempo changes and lyrics.

A bike ride had to be part of such a great energizing day. Of course, I set off on one of my evening rides with my iPod in my back pocket. The songs continued to speak to me as they had all day long. As the sun was setting I rounded the corner to my house appropriately I was filled with joy, faith, hope, friendship, peace, and a renewed soul.

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