Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bike Camp

The last few days have been rewarding in a couple of ways. first by introducing biking to some new riders and allowing me to focus on something other than the preparations for RAW.

I worked with four girls ages 7 -11 on their bike handling skills plus an intro to riding on dirt, single track and terrain park. At first the girls weren't too excited about biking in general by the end of the first day they really enjoyed the bike park going over the jumps. They worked their way from the easiest to the hardest with amazement that they were actually doing them and enjoying it. On the second day we rode on single track and rocky terrain. Although they did well they confessed to liking the bike park better. It was awesome to see the progress both in attitude and physical ability in such a short time. It will be fun to see them next month to continue ot work on their newly learn skills and explore new dimensions.

I'm thankful to the girls for the refreshing outlook on a sport that is new and dear to my heart.

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