Thursday, June 11, 2009

A HUGE thanks!

Without my friends and family racing in RAW or RAAM would be impossible. Once all of the training and prep work is done and I head toward the start in Oceanside my crew will become my backbone. I am fortunate to have the team I have four out of the six members have been part of past crews during successful Team RAAM efforts.

I am humbled by all of their support and belief in what we are doing out on the road. Proudly I present you with my rock star crew: Wink Davis, Norman Bowles, Sandra Deprey, Heidi Deprey, Debbie Hughes, and Michele Keane. My gratitude also goes out to Lorene Yordy,the massage therapist that has been a God send in the last month or so. She has been able to soften up the tight muscles and connective tissues. On our first meeting she ask me what i was looking for and after telling her I wanted to have my IT band stripped she said, "I guess your not here to relax" and right she was. The benefit from that body work is being realized and hopefully will allow me to peak during the actual race.

Thank you to of you that have donated funds to continue the support for Border to Border USA, an organization raising funds and awareness for youths affected by HIV/AIDS in the USA has been inspiring and rewarding. Please visit if your interested in joining us in on our efforts in making a difference in these children lives.

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