Friday, September 17, 2010


"The best cycling workout videos YOU'VE EVER SEEN! This is what SUFFEREFEST says about their products. Clearly an incredibly bold statement to make. I decided to check them out, since I've trained with many other cycling DVD's I wondered how their products would measure up. The following are some of my thoughts:

Last night I downloaded their latest DVD called ANGELS. The title is definitely a play on words. ANGELS is a climbing session with the best riders in the world. Being able to feel like I was riding with the best of the best for an hour was heavenly. As the session progressed I visualize having ANGEL wings to stay light in the saddle with powerful legs driving the two wheel machine up the relentless inclines. At the end of the ride, as I was cooling down, riding on open roads in a magical setting it was like riding in heaven on earth. Also there may have been a few moments in the 3 x 8 minute climbs where I was praying to God for the strength and the commitment to continue riding in the suggested zones and cadences.

Throughout the session the power of suggestion that is offered is certainly the brain child of a much schooled coach. The ongoing encouragement that pops up on the screen is well timed, purposeful and helps to keep things real. Brilliant!

Looking at the actual training blocks:

The workout session is roughly an hour in length. The warm up is very cleverly done as you go around on a track oval for about 6 minutes until the work begins with 5 sets of over/under intervals of 1 minute each. The footage places you in the saddle behind Luis Leon Sanchez in a breakaway as he courageously and successfully keeps his pursuer Alberto Contador away.

The 3 climbs that follow are 8 minutes in length. You might think, only 8 minutes. Well, when you spend 8 minutes trying to stay on Andy Schleck's wheel in the 09 Liege-Bastogne-Liege the 8 minute reference changes. The next 8 minute interval is following Vockler/Contador/Sanchez up Col d'Eze in 2010 Paris - Nice. Now we all know how frisky and explosive they can all be, so imagine those 8 minutes. And for the grand finale 8 minute interval try following Contador up Alp d'Huez in the 2010 Dauphine Libere. He most certainly has ANGEL wings as he lightly but powerfully dances on his pedals.

The 4 minute rest sessions between intervals takes place down some mind stimulating descents, my favorite. But we all know in order to get the descending reward we have to front load it with a CLIMB.

In conclusion SUFFERFEST in more than accurate in stating that they have "The best cycling workout videos YOU'VE EVER SEEN! The impressive selection and editing of the race footage dovetailed with the finest song collection makes this video a must have training tool. No question if ANGEL'S is incorporating in your training program you will become a climbing God or Goddess.

Live Out Loud!

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