Saturday, September 25, 2010


In this last week I have many reasons to be appreciative. I live in the most amazing outdoor playground. I am surrounded by some of the most amazing people, some I know others I meet daily. I have had the most incredible life experiences. I am truly forever grateful to have the life I have and be able to do what I do.

Yesterday, I read a shocking Facebook post. An incredible human being has lost his life doing what he loved, riding his bike. He was involved in an accident with a car as they were both going around a corner at the same time in opposite directions.

Jure Robic is the most successful ultra cyclist. To me, and many others Jure is a Lance. Jure has dedicated his life to long, long cycling events. Others have not duplicated his dedication and devotion to prep work and training undoubtly because they are up there in the super human category. His results have paid off for him and his family. Ultra cycling doesn’t receive the same amount of coverage or interest as cycling as a whole. One, because it is difficult for most people to wrap their minds around the distance the ultra cyclist is pedaling. Not unusual for an ultra to go out the door on a short hundred-mile ride. Hours and hours spent in the saddle with their own thoughts.

So yesterday, when I received the news oddly the only way I felt like I could get my head around what happened was to go out for a long ride. I spent the day in the saddle by myself with my own thoughts and listening to the purring of the chain and cassette working in unison to propel me for towards my destination. It was a perfectly calm Colorado blue-sky day, perfect to reflect and remember my colleague Jure Robic. I met Jure a few years ago while racing RAAM. I have followed his career along the way with interest and curiosity as to what makes this man do what he does on a bike. Over time realizing that the bike is a vehicle for his devotion and passion for life, family, friends, his connection to self and a higher power. I have learned lessons from him that I will have forever and for that I am very appreciative. His wonderful perceptive that “Difficult thing take a long time, Impossible things… take a little longer … is full of hope, faith, This man had many gifts and I believe it is our responsibility to continue sharing his gifts with the world. The world needs his and our gifts.

Jure Robic has touched all of our souls by living his life to the fullest incorporating the following philosophy: Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

On this day, although still in shock about the news of his death I am filled with immeasurable appreciation for having our paths cross and for our lives to have been linked together.

Jure Robic was a wonderful caring human being that rode a bicycle for fun.

Live Out Loud!

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