Monday, September 6, 2010

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

“I can't believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary.”
- Lou Holtz

As I walk through the daily adventures of life I wonder how to absorb as much as possible. This summer's explorations have brought me to a place of better balance. Adventure is my passion which also provides the peace and fulfillment I seek. Jill Homer articulates so eloquently what adventure means to her so I borrow her words; "I plan adventures because their promise drives me. Adventures are a sublime sunset that I can chase. I grind my body into the dust and dirt and pavement toward the horizon, that elusive line I think of as fitness, which is really just a color-streaked threshold between my body and a borderless expanse of discovery. But as I approach that line, I discover there's nothing there but more horizon, more reasons to keep grinding away, and I realize that even if could somehow become exponentially stronger and faster, I would only chase sunset forever."

It is through various adventures that I learn more about myself, my desires and ultimately work on the elusive balance. I have experienced some incredible sights and sounds of nature from scenes like the photo above, to the sound of hummingbird wings in the enormous natural amphitheater called the backcountry, to elk calves celebrated the joy of life. All of those and many other extraordinary experiences are opening my eyes to the realization that seeking to be more than ordinary is the way to be.

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